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When it comes to a healthy lifestyle healthy eating, the Californians have pretty much nailed it. So it’s not surprising this massive state has several vegetarian restaurants worth writing home about. Here is our pick.

Why: Known as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramento grows more than 160 crops in and around the city and many chefs have taken advantage of the abundance of produce in the area. One of Sacramento’s most popular vegetarian restaurants, Mother, offers a special 10-course vegetarian tasting menu for two. The menu rotates monthly to include a variety of dishes from cabbage dumplings and coconut curry to freshly baked cookies and corn ice cream. There are also few menu items are inherently vegan where others can be made vegan with simple omissions.

What: Gracias Madre

Why: Located on Melrose Avenue in the heart of West Hollywood’s trendy Design District, Gracias Madre offers 100% organic, plant-based, Mexican cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients. The popular eatery serves colourful farm-fresh food throughout the day, complemented by chic exteriors on the patio with hand-woven chairs, wrought iron fixtures, embroidered fabrics and hanging plants.

What: Plumeria

Why: Located in the heart of University Heights, Plumeria in San Diego is dedicated to producing high-quality vegetarian food. All of the dishes are free of fish sauces and animal products, prepared fresh daily and use only the finest ingredients available. Unique dishes on the menu include flower cups with tofu, peas and carrots, pad thai beans and pumpkin curry.

What: Wildest Greens

Why: Located on Palm Desert’s famous El Paseo Drive, Wildest Greens is a vegetarian restaurant that taps into the organic farm-to-table concept. Diners can choose from the eight different food and drink outlets, including The Garden – offering custom salads and flat breads – and a Grab ‘n’ Go section. The restaurant aims to make diners feel healthier and happier and its broad menus reflect this, from burritos and grain bowls packed with veggies to guilt-free burgers and freshly made juices. www.visitgreaterpalmsprings.com

What: Lowell’s

Why: Few restaurants do vegetarian fare quite as stylishly as Lowell’s; a sleek, chic Italian café in Sebastopol that delights with contemporary dishes, created so lovingly that meat is barely missed. Recipes are full of flavour, from the ‘macrobowl’ of red rice, heirloom beans, braised greens, marinated root and fermented vegetables, to a beautiful ‘gemischter salat’ of hearty greens, shaved root vegetables, toasted pepitas and a roasted beet vinaigrette. The majority of the ingredients used are sourced from Sonoma County, including Sebastopol-based boutique ranchers. www.sonomacounty.com

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