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There was a time when success in competitive sailing basically required great seamanship, strategy and tactics. Fitness was just part of the mix.

That has changed.

Grand Prix racing yachts have always been complex, but powerful hull designs have evolved in recent years with sky-scratching carbon-fiber masts and powerful thermomolded sails, which exert thousands of pounds of force.

These boats are markedly faster and more athletic than their forebears. Managing a contemporary raceboat is physically demanding, and the crew must execute complex, highly choreographed maneuvers, with great strength and often with minimal notice. Crews that race aboard the fastest boats must be ultrafit and train like Olympic athletes to prepare for world-class regattas.

“Being an athlete is needed, and sailing is moving that way,” said Ryan West, head of athletic performance for the Bella Mente and American Magic racing programs. “We look at sailors as individua...

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