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To celebrate this year’s FIFA World Cup, MCP Discovery are organising the GOAL FOR FUN carnival, held at Atrium area with 5 Game Zones. It includes kids’ beloved “Inflatable Football Field”, “Kids Electric Bike-ride”, “Toy Claw Machine”, “Football Field Photo-shooting Zone”, “Parent & Kid Soccer Workshops” and “Summer Sports Booths” offering special food and sports products.

The Islands Of The Bahamas with their famous pink sands and turquoise sea are home to 16 main islands and thousands of cays and islets which offer a wealth of diverse experiences. Here we pick out ten of the best:

Bahamian People-to-People afternoon tea

In Nassau have afternoon tea at the historic and imposing Government House, the official residence of The Governor of The Bahamas. On the last Friday of the month the Bahamian People-to-People programme offers complimentary afternoon tea with a fashion show, live music and shuttle transfer to your hotel, providing luxury and colonial history for no charge.

Island Hopping – Harbour Island or Eleuthera

Take a day trip from Nassau to Harbour Island or Eleuthera with Bahamas Ferries and navigate between the islands. Harbour Island is famous for its miles of candy-floss pink sand and celebrity guests, whereas Eleuthera has sweet pineapple farms dotting the landscape and ideal conditions for surfing on the Atlantic side. And if you fancy staying on the island, try glamping at The Other Side, a collection of luxury tents overlooking the ocean.

Meet the Dolphins at Blue Lagoon

Just three miles from Nassau, Blue Lagoon Island, also known as Salt Cay, has water sports including paddle boarding and water bikes, as well as dolphins and sea lions. Visitors can swim with the animals and spend the day relaxing on a tranquil beach. It’s a great family day out.

Grand Bahama Island Fish Fry

Fish Fry in The Bahamas dates back to pre-Colombian times and is a regular event throughout the islands with beach shacks serving food with a party atmosphere or small stalls cooking for locals. On Grand Bahama Island Wednesday night is the time to head to Smith Point. Get there early (about 6) before the queues form. Eat at tables overlooking the lovely beach and watch the sunset, then party until the small hours with music and dancing enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

A fish dinner with fresh snapper or grouper, rice and peas and sides is about $12. Don’t miss the guava duff for pudding and wash it down with a rum punch or local Kalik beer. No need to book in advance – just take a taxi or shuttle, anyone will tell you where it is.

Try Conch Fritters

Conch (or conk as it is called here) is a pretty, pink, edible mollusc eaten throughout the region but a particular favourite in The Bahamas. Don’t leave without trying Conch Fritters: just one of a myriad ways of eating, these bite size fritters are the ideal appetiser at any time of the day and go especially well with a Bahama Mama cocktail or local beer like Kalik or Sands Radler which is a light fruity beer flavoured with grapefruit. Stop off at one of the many colourful conk stalls dotted throughout the islands.

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